Lviv, city of paradoxes (2014)

After two years of taking photographs and talking to people the book Lviv, city of paradoxes came out in September 2014 with the subtitle: perspectives between beauty and drama. It is a  city in which Hitler and Stalin were given free rein, resulting in a systematic destruction of the Central-European culture. Most residents were expelled or murdered. Yet the buildings have been miraculously salvaged.

The book, Lviv city of paradoxes has two editions: Dutch / English and Ukrain / English. 256 pages / 35 euro. With 150 photo`s by Dolph Kessler. With essays by Michiel Driebergen (history), Kees van Ruyven (town) and Ruud Meij (corruption). And with a special map supplement by Herman Zonderland. For sale in the bookshop.

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