Friesland, the smallest country (2017)

In 2017, my photobook Friesland, the smallest country on earth was published.
256 pages, 110 photo`s, hardcover, 22 x 31 cm, for sale in the bookshop.

Friesland is the land that I have lived and worked in for over forty years, fifteen of which were as a photographer. Friesland is probably the smallest possible geographical unit that can still be called a `country`. Although small, it has everything a country needs to be a `country,` such as its own language, identity and atmosphere; its own cultural events, and sports; several types of landscapes, cities that compete with each other and its very own history. That`s why the title of this book is: Friesland, the smallest country on earth.

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Dolph kessler - Watery edge of Friesland
Dolph kessler - Flevolandising
Dolph kessler - Cities and villages
Dolph kessler - Winter in Friesland
Dolph kessler - Countryside
Dolph kessler - PC Franeker 2012